meet felicia

Black Champagne: A Lifestyle Experience

Black Champagne is an event planning website and lifestyle blog dedicated to giving readers and clients a truly impressionable experience from the first moment. Black Champagne believes passionately in the idea that everyone should feel that their life is filled with moments, both big and small, that they can pop the champagne bottle for. Every moment we have in this world is precious so if we’re going to live, let’s make it an unforgettable experience and raise the glass to that. *clink*

Meet Felicia

I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Journalism. I have most recently finished my Master of Early Childhood Education from the University of Texas at San Antonio. My education is something that I don’t foresee stopping anytime soon, so I’ll keep you updated on that journey as it comes along.

Why did I start Black Champagne?

There’s that saying: “I’m living my best life,” and as cliché as that sounds, every time I would hear it, I realized Black Champagne truly defined me living my best life because it encompasses everything I’m passionate about. Black Champagne is a blog, but it is also my event planning website. Black Champagne is the avenue that allows me to be a creator, innovator, blogger, and event planner. Black Champagne is the place where I can talk about makeup, weddings, the best burger joint, how to plan for a road trip, and everything else in between. Black Champagne is the place for me to be 100% myself and I think that deserves for me to endlessly pop the champagne.