I once heard someone say that every move you make, do it in silence. Move forward and grow in silence. Somehow, this was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard because it made think about all the things I’ve done and all the things I wanted to accomplish but didn’t because I opened my mouth.

Let me explain:

When I decided to create Black Champagne, I wanted it to be silent from those that weren’t family or close friends. I wanted it to be a surprise because in many ways, I think I’ve always felt some sort of pressure to perform beyond my abilities when I opened my mouth and then would fail to actually make anything of the “dreams” and “goals” I wanted for myself. I felt that pressure to not fail, but ultimately, I would fail myself for not even trying. However, without other outside influences besides my web designer, I only had to listen to myself when it came to this project. Every piece of my website is something I felt more than happy with, and there were no questions or side comments from those individuals who might make me stray in a different direction. I had a web designer who believed in my vision and pushed me to not only believe in that vision but follow through with it.
Silence allowed me to take the time I needed for myself to ensure that the product that I was putting out was something that was what I envisioned and truly felt like was part of who I am. This website, this product, this is me and that’s something some people may not be able to say about something they’ve created. I knew there would be comments regarding the name or the color scheme or any other aspect of the website, but I knew that if I listened, I would be doing myself a disservice. Silence became my best friend because it allowed me to focus on what matters and honestly, there is something invigorating about putting out a product people weren’t expecting and being caught off guard that I did this.
Black Champagne, and any future endeavors I choose to follow, have always been and will always be on my own terms. So, if I can leave any of you with a piece of advice, grow forward in silence and allow yourself the opportunity to grow in the direction you are supposed to and not because you are forced to. The path you take is entirely up to you and not a single soul should disrupt the magic you are going to make.